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Securing pre-approval

Pre-approval (also known as Approval in Principle or Conditional Approval) is an indication of what a bank is willing to lend you, subject to certain conditions. To get one, a number of things are considered like validating your identity and assessing your financial position, income and living expenses.

Are all pre-approvals the same?

The process of securing pre-approval varies between lenders along with the amount of detail required. Some lenders offer a quick conditional approval without asking for any documentation at all. This sounds great at the time, but be wary of these as it’s unlikely a detailed assessment has been completed, and you may end up not being approved after your application is processed in full.

TIP: Be wary of quick ticks.

How long does my pre-approval last?

Your pre-approval typically only lasts for three or six months. If you’re still house-hunting after that, we need to review your approval and ensure it is still appropriate and meets your requirements. It is also a good idea to review the property search and what the market is doing.

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