What is a Deposit Bond?

When buying a property or land, you have to provide a cash deposit, normally up to 10% of the purchase price. This deposit is used to guarantee the commitment of the buyer to the contract of sale.

When looking to buy, but don’t have convenient or immediate access to the 10% cash deposit required, a deposit bond may be the best solution.

There are many reasons to benefit from a deposit bond:

  • Borrowing 100% of the purchase price with the loan funds only available at settlement;
  • Purchasers who do not have the cash deposit when entering into a contract of sale;
  • Investors or purchasers who have their assets tied up in property and are cash poor;
  • Buying and selling simultaneously;
  • Your cash is working harder for you elsewhere, like your offset account and it can make financial sense to use a deposit bond instead.

Whatever the reason, deposit bonds are a smart and viable alternative that can make it easier for you to purchase property or land when you do not have ready access to the 10% cash deposit required.

Our team can obtain a deposit bond for you in as little as 1 hour to help you put down your deposit and secure that dream property before someone else does!

Watch the short video below to learn more about how a deposit bond can help:

Success Stories:


Margaret and Lawrence decided to downsize after retirement. They were reluctant to draw on their superannuation to put down the deposit. A deposit bond helped Margaret and Lawrence keep their super intact and avoid any tax implications.

Margaret and Lawrence had time to sit down with their financial adviser and ensure their structure was most favourable for their position – all by the time the purchase was ready to be completed.




Kim found a great property investment opportunity, however her 10% deposit was tied up in other investments. The Melbourne based property investor found the answer in a deposit bond.

Property investors often find their cash tied up and there is no immediate availability to cash as a deposit to secure a great opportunity. A deposit bond is a great solution to meet this need and secure opportunities.




Jim and Jacqui came up against a surprise deposit hurdle to their new family home. The Wollongong-based couple had cash delayed due to a late settlement on an existing property. A deposit bond completed in only 2 hours and was a perfect solution. The deposit bond secured the purchase quickly against two other buyers who were competing for their dream home.

The other party came in offering a higher amount a couple of days later. A contract was signed and secured, with quick thinking by the mortgage broker, along with instant access to the deposit bond. They would have lost the home without the speedy deposit bond.

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